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Complete Energy Solutions provides the most complete and trusted surge protection systems available.

Protect it right the first time

Protecting electrical equipment in your business and home is our priority.  Complete Energy Solutions uses the finest protection equipment available and employs the best practices in design and installation.  Additionally, Complete Energy Solutions can provide a comprehensive yearly check up of your surge system. Count on us.

Power Surges Per Hour Avg.
Surges From Outside Your Facility
Surges From Inside Your Facility
Damage Per Year in Billions

Protect Your Business

American businesses suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in damages annually from electrical  surges and lightning.  This is NOT necessary.  You can reduce or remove the budget items associated with replacement and repair of your electrical equipment.  Lengthen the service life of electrical equipment including air conditioning, pumps, lighting, computers, servers, fire, security and communications.  Complete Energy Solutions surge protection systems reduce risk of damage and avoid costly down time losses.

Complete Energy Solutions Protects Many Different Types of Industries

Each business is unique and requires a facility survey.  Complete Energy Solutions will design a protection system based on your facility and equipment risk profile.


Protect machinery, production lines, CNC equipment, robots, etc.

Emergency Power

Protect automatic transfer switches, electronic controls, distribution equipment

Fire Alarm Systems

Protect FACP power, communications and loop circuits.


Protect outdoor lighting displays, parking lot lighting, security lighting, indoor and outdoor HID, LED and florescent lighting systems

Precision Machinery

Protect CNC machines, robotics, metal working, presses, water jets and welding equipment


Protect servers, modems, electronic communications systems.

Protect Your Valuable Equipment at Home!

Do you rely on your electrical equipment?  How much is it worth?

  • Refrigerator $1,500
  • Pool Pump $400
  • Dishwasher $750
  • Microwave $750
  • Computers $1,200
  • Printers $200
  • Modems $150
  • Home Audio $450
  • TV’s $1,500
  • Speakers $500
  • Cable/Satellite $300
  • DVD/Blu-ray player $150
  • Video game consoles $400
  • Washer $950
  • Dryer $850
  • Heating/AC controls $1,650
  • Heating/AC motors $2,400
  • Security system $2,000
  • Lighting $500
  • Cordless phones $100
  • Garage door electronics $500
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Custom Designed Surge Protection For Your Home


Protect your appliances: refrigerators, freezers and kitchen electrical appliances

Air Conditioners

Protect your air conditioning and heating systems:  heat pumps and air circulation

Home Theaters

Protect your entertainment equipment: electronics, TV’s and players

Solar Systems

Protect Solar equipment including inverter and controller DC inputs and AC outputs, data links


Protect indoor and outdoor lighting systems: florescent, incandescent, LED and DC lighting systems


Protect computer systems: desktops, printers, iMAC’s and electronic communications systems.


Lightning is a deadly serious issue in Florida and the southeastern US mainland.  Direct lightning strikes will cause damage. However, most lightning damage comes from close area lightning events where electrical charges jump-on available electrical wires and travel to attached equipment.  A properly designed surge protection system will reduce the risk of lightning damage.

You can’t stop a lightning strike, but you can protect against lightning’s catastrophic damage. By capturing the lightning surge and directing it away from your home, business, buildings, equipment and anything exposed to lightning, the risk is reduced dramatically. Combined with an effective surge protection program covering all conductors into and inside your facility, your risk is further lowered.

Lightning bolts hit the Earth per second
Lightning in Florida vs Nation
Deaths from Lightning per year
Billion Dollars in Damage


Electrical surges are the most destructive and costly events experienced in business  or residential buildings. This amounts to billions of dollars annually in repair and  replacement of equipment and downtime losses….AND….it’s not necessary.

Where Do Surges Come From?


Surges exist in all electrical systems…commercial or residential.  Surges come from many sources; lightning, transmission sources, your own equipment such as pumps, motors and A/C’s.  Most damage from surges comes from an unusual place….inside your building….yes, the electrical equipment you rely on to operate your business or residential building contributes more to surge activity than any other source….80% or more. 10-20% of surge activity comes from lightning and utility generated surges from outside your building.  By surge protecting your building’s electrical distribution system and your electrical equipment including low voltage, computer, security, fire, communication and emergency systems…..your equipment will last longer and you will save money.

Grounding Systems

A well designed and maintained grounding system is essential to an efficient electrical system……and is ESSENTIAL to operation of a surge protection system.  Complete Energy Solutions will survey, measure and repair grounding systems to meet National Electric Code and County Building Code requirements.

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